We consult various undertakings to help them build a good reputation, as well as to subsequently maintain and manage it. By always focusing on our aims, we can ensure professional implementation of appropriate communication actions, taking into account the particular sector, the specifics of the business and the environment. Our team is flexible as both a stand-alone external communications department and as part of an internal team.

Reputation management

We professionally advise on building and managing a corporate image and implements tactical actions. Moreover, we help various undertakings increase their visibility and eminence among target audiences via relevant modern communication channels. Finally, we have extensive experience and a high level of competence in content creation on various topics.

Image building

Led by the company's values and goals, we help to establish and maintain a dialogue with target audiences (clients, partners, media, etc.) through all of the relevant and available communication channels. Moreover, we possess the necessary expertise to not only convey relevant messages, but also to shape and deliver them appropriately, taking into account the specificities of various channels, audiences and external circumstances.

Dialogue with target audiences

We consult companies on their visual identity, help to create and develop it. Furthermore, we put effort into ensuring the coherence of a company's visual identity across various communication channels and to coordinate the reinforcement of relevant messages via visual means.

Visual identity
Internal communication

Taking into account the company's field of activity and its particular situation, we develop an internal communication strategy and tactics, and implement internal communication actions. We are highly competent in setting up internal communication systems, creating communication channels on various platforms and maintaining them properly.

We help companies assess risks, create threat maps, implement preventive actions and otherwise prepare for potential crisis situations. We proactively engage in the crisis management process in real time by advising and implementing the necessary communication actions. Moreover, we work professionally as part of a crisis management team, collaborating with specialists from other fields, and are familiar with applicable legislation, business management practices and other areas relevant to various crisis situations.

Crisis management

We organise one-time and continuous trainings for company representatives or groups thereof. Moreover, we help our clients get a better understanding of current affairs, the rules of the digital world, specifics of public speaking, principles of media strategy and many other relevant subjects. Thus, our experienced team of communication experts assist those participating in trainings not only to gain valuable theoretical information, but also to improve their practical skills.

Communication audits

Using quantitative and qualitative methodologies, we conduct communication audits that help companies assess their communication environment, current situation, implemented actions, arising challenges and more. Furthermore, we assess communication goals and actions in political, economic, social, managerial and other relevant contexts. Finally, based on the results of our communication audits, we make recommendations and suggestions on how to create added value and increase the effectiveness of communication.